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Lois has been apprehended by the FBI on accusations that she is not from this Earth, Marisol Leone has disappeared, Clark’s battling Red Cloud, and the rest of the Super Fam has just taken out Parasite… Now it’s time to help Clark. The narrative toggles between Lois’s Q&A with the FBI and the Superfam’s fight against Red Cloud, and as could be expected for Bendis, he keeps us engaged even when the stories flip.

He could if he wanted to, and now we know he thinks about it. [Action Comics (2016) #1027]
[Action Comics (2016) #1027]


The creative team from last issue continues here… and we’ve still got Bendis writing, Romita Jr. on pencils, Klaus Janson inking, and Brad Anderson delivering on great colors.

More Kara content please. [Action Comics (2016) #1027]


The House of Kent storyline has been pretty action packed. This issue wrapped up this multi-part story, while setting the stage for something new. If you had not been reading this from the last few issues, what’s going on isn’t going to make sense.



The fires from last issue continue to burn bright at the beginning of #49. Booster and Terry are working together, but Booster’s quickly found himself in trouble… He’s pretty much always in trouble so what else is new. Terry has a moment with his father, and Jurgens dedicates a two page spread to Terry’s fond memories with his father. Then it’s back to business.

For the greater good, I guess. [Batman Beyond (2016) #49]
Terry has such range. He can be terrifying and adorably happy. [Batman Beyond (2016) #49]


While this creative team currently running Batman Beyond has done a great job, there isn’t much that I find really pops with each issue. Everything looks good, but there is some uniqueness missing, some stylistic element. Some of my favorite moments the last few issues have actually revolved around the color job, the colorist has done a fantastic job coloring these issues. Furthermore, the inks give some terrific depth to these characters. Case in point!

Terry is terrifying and he deserves to be. [Batman Beyond (2016) #49]


When it comes to Batman Beyond, I’m not the one to ask. Any issue with Terry is a must have for me. If you picked up last week’s issue, you’ll definitely find #49 necessary. Jurgens wraps up last issue’s fight rather quickly, all while bringing Terry back to the future to a safe, alive, happy Matt McGinnis. Also, if you’re a Booster Gold fan, this is an issue to have if only just for Michael.

Oh, Booster. [Batman Beyond (2016) #49]



While Superman sped off towards Earth to fight the Super/Bat computer generated robot… Batman, Batwoman, and Steel were left to think of a plan to defeat the hoard of robots hot on their tail. The heavy lifting was left to Batwoman, and Bruce got to work with Steel on a way to take down the haywire computer program.

Alright Clark, now you’re just showing off, but we like to see it. [Batman/Superman (2019) #14]
[Batman/Superman (2019) #14]


Alrighty folks, it isn’t often I dislike both cover options. In fact, I’m often purchasing the main and the variant cover for the comics I’ve got sitting on my pull list. Neither the main nor the variant did it for me with Batman/Superman #14. Now, that is not to say the art was not great, as always it does look good, but there was no strong evocation of feeling from me. I didn’t happily shout, “Oh! I would love that cover!” and place it on my pull in advance… And I definitely didn’t throw my hands in the air and say, “Damn it to Hell, I want both covers this month!” It just didn’t happen. For comparison, I’ll put them both together for us:

Left: Main cover… Right: Variant cover
[Batman/Superman (2019) #14]


Batman is in quite a few titles these days, and sometimes I really am sick of him… That said, I always find enjoyment with the Batman/Superman book. The last annual was a disappointment, but other than that, this run has been solid. The writing and stories have been fun to follow, with both Batman and Superman being written fairly true to character. There’s been humor as well as hard to swallow truths, and seeing these two interact will likely bring a smile to your face regardless of the topic.



Detective Comics has a few threads running through at the moment. The issue kicks off with a moment between The Mirror and Nakano (so let’s not talk about my giant thread on why Nakano could have been The Mirror). The Mirror points out their similarities, that they are both after the same goal, even going so far to say they will remove their mask once all is said and done. Nakano disagrees, he wants all masks off, right from the beginning. Even if they share the same goal, Nakano clearly disagrees with The Mirror’s methods. Good for him sticking to his ideals; this issue further rounds out Nakano’s strong commitment to his views and his desire to be honest with himself, his family, and the public.

Nakano is no nonsense with ANY masked vigilant. [Detective Comics (2016) #1031]
Guess which kid hates caped crusaders? [Detective Comics (2016) #1031]
HIS FEET AREN’T EVEN REACHING THE FLOOR (though I suppose he does have the recliner up a bit). [Detective Comics (2016) #1031]
[Batman (2011) #17]


Lee Bermejo has been on the variant covers lately, and he isn’t stopping anytime soon. Currently, Tec is a series where I am getting both the variant and main covers, as they just look so good. The amount of careful detail Bermejo puts into these (let’s be real, here, call them what they are) paintings, is incredible. There is so much to see. Whether the Batmobile is passing under a well lit section of Gotham or that’s the light from a rising sun, who is to say? Still, it illuminates the worn leather on Bruce’s gloves, the stubble growing after being out all night, and a wily smirk with a busted lip.

[Detective Comics (2016) #1031]
[Detective Comics (2016) #1031]


Depends on what you expect from a Detective Comic’s issue. For us Damian fans out there, hoping for any kind of crumbs with his character, this is a good story for you. For anyone who has been missing that classic detective feel we should be having with detective comics, this is also an issue for you. We’re really getting into it now: Gotham’s seemingly at war with the bats and birds, the mirror has reached out to the mayor, and Damian’s hot on a criminal’s case. These latest issues can’t be beat.



Barry’s still having quite a rough go of things. He meets up with John at the Hall of Justice to get those nasty, invasive contacts removed from his eyes (see: somewhere around #763), and then he is off to the races. The Philosopher’s Stone has been causing him quite some problems, but Barry believes he has found the perfect solution…

Yeah, that should do it. [Flash (2016) #766]
[Flash (2016) #766]


What’s really been catching my eyes are The Flash variant covers. The last two issues I have very unfortunately missed out on picking up the InHyuk variants, but I hope to find them soon. This week’s cover was no exception, and the balance of colors on the cover is stunning to see. The guts of this issue are also rather fun. As expected with a Flash comic, there’s loads of red and yellow to see zooming across pages, but we do get a few panels with smaller details as well.


If you’re just jumping in on Flash, I wouldn’t bother with this issue. We’ve been following multiple villains over the last several weeks, and it was revealed that Trickster’s… tricks… tied in to Dr. Alchemy’s plans for Barry. Next week may be a more exciting issue to pick up; we will have a new story to follow. However, if you’re not interested in the side stories or tie ins, Flash #767 may bear no relevance for you, as it is part of Endless Winter.



The boy’s back in town and he seems to be slowly going through Gotham and enjoying his life. Don’t expect any rough and tumblr times in this issue of Red Hood, #51 is all about establishing a new scene for this character.

Jason is so close to calling Bruce, and that really is a nice touch. [Red Hood (2016) #51]


Jason, baby, did Lobdell’s wild run really age you that much?

[Red Hood (2016) #51]
So many small details, definitely read this more than once. [Red Hood (2016) #51]
Dude totally has a sword, just look. [Detective Comics (2016) #1030]


If you don’t care for an issue without a real “story,” then feel free to skip out on #51. Jason came home, met up with friends, but not much really happened. However, if you want to read about a guy going through the motions and enjoying a good day? I’d say pick this one up. I found Red Hood #51 to be a refreshing, enjoyable issue, definitely different from the norm.

[Red Hood (2016) #51]


Alrighty folks, that’s it for this Talkative Tuesday. Life got the best of me and kept me busy the last couple of weeks, but it is safe to say I’ll be back to semi regular posting. I’ve got a few ideas for more of those essay style posts, as well as predictions for future stories.



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