Hello, hello, howdy folks and welcome back for the first time in weeks! Life got ahead of me and these were put on hold. This week was absolutely fantastic for DC, we had nothing but wins all week. From Starfire’s costume announcement, to the amazing comic content, to the resurrection of the Super Sons title, DC really dropped some delicious news. Now, onto the comic talk.


My comic pull list gave me some glorious gifts. DC and my LCS really got some dollars from me, the variant covers were absolute fire. Red Hood #51 variant with that crowbar content was…

What a week this was for DC! Young Justice is over, but everything else marches on.

Always love looking at my new covers

This was a great week for variant covers, if that’s your thing.


DC Drops for the final week of October! This is a big week for DC, and we see the wrap up of the thrilling three part Black Label series Batman: Three Jokers. Yes, I buy a bunch of unnecessary covers. The Jason Todd cover will be my reader because I have a slabbed 9.8 on pre-order from months ago. While some of our heroes are wrapping up stories, there are more who are really in the thick of it. Let’s hope they come out on top!

Not pictured, the Action Comics 1026 variant, oops.

There are a lot of books here, so let’s get moving! Just as always…

Alright folks, this was a spur of the moment post. The idea happened in five minutes, I’m currently slapping it together, and I’m not editing once it’s done!

Politics is stressful and this article was thrown together to give out some happy, positive recommendations for a few great stories from the DC Comic universe.


This one issue special is lighthearted, fun, yet still holds a heartfelt message at the end.

Howard Chaykin takes us through a tale with two space traveling favorites: Hal Jordan of the Green Lantern Corps, and Space Ghost Thaddeus Bach. This team up doesn’t start off…

Spare thoughts on DC’s drops for January? Future State is going to be… Interesting. My Pull List might slim down a bit during January and February of 2021. Then again, it may not because I’ll read just about anything DC drops. Until that time comes, things on this blog should stay pretty regular, but I have no idea what will be in store when Future State’s issues finally hit shelves.

Really thought today was a four comic day, so I was pleasantly surprised with Robin King & Harley Quinn!!


October 13th brings an exciting week! Death Metal is back on, The Flash has a new creative team and a new storyline, Detective Comics resumes where Joker War left off, the Hal and Pals are headed into yet another cosmic battle, and things really heat up for Bruce in The Batman’s Grave! Let’s go, go, go!

Got a little more than I needed this week. Two copies of Superman #26 and two amazing Green Lantern covers.



The Dark Nights Death Metal main run took a short break during September, but there were tie-ins and one shots aplenty. If you did not feel like purchasing all four one shots, I hear ya. I was feeling squeamish over spending that $25 instead of the expected amount for a single issue, but I’ll live. Still, these one shots were somewhat necessary. Trinity was actually the book that brought me back into Death Metal because I’d left if for some time. Picked it up for the amazing cover art, stayed for the story. Reading that, however, I realized…

While DC may have let us down with Monday’s announcement about the pushback date for The Batman movie release (October would have been perfect, that Old Goth owns Spooky Season!!), the realm of comics is fairing quite a bit better. In addition to having tons of fun covers to choose from, Batman #100 is a massive issue, with bonus stories at the end! Batman: The Adventures Continue not only enters my monthly Pull, but we will likely see a Red Hood reveal (those are always fun, thinking on you Batman #637). Dead Planet is beyond the halfway point and so…

They’re trying, and I’ll prove it!

While not everyone feels this way, it seems the general vibe the DC fandom has been giving off (in my circles, at least) is that they are not particularly huge fans of Tom King’s Batman. Of course, not everyone agrees that “Tom King did a bad job,” furthermore it was not only Tom King who wrote a less than great Batman…but I’d like to argue that DC is aware of people’s disappointment in the poor treatment of Batman and Bruce Wayne. …

Tuesday’s my favorite day of the week now, and putting these posts together makes a Monday much more bearable. That said, welcome back once more to Talkative Tuesday where I share a recap on previous issues and dive into what my Local Comic Shop pulled for me this week. It’s the end of the month and DC delivered on some sweet goodies. Let’s have at it!

This week’s pull! Not seen: LoS #7 & #8

The Red Hood variant covers have been beautiful throughout the entire run, and this week’s was no exception. Three Jokers has me obsessed and I went for the main plus four variants; my plan…

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